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Motorhomes for Dogs... My Pets Love RV Traveling now!

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  • Motorhomes for Dogs... My Pets Love RV Traveling now!

    Hello World,
    A few month ago I ran across a post about a motorhome on these forums. After talking with a lot of other curiousness pet and RV lovers little was known about these "Motorhomes for Pets". So having first hand experience with these RVs I thought I'd leave this message for the next in line...

    OK, so the video in the post got me interested and I started doing a lot of internet research. This is was what we've been looking for and didn't know it yet. We have a nine-year-old boy (Texas), two Newfoundland’s (Dakota & Dryfuss), and a ferret (Little Yukon). We are a traveling family who calls Columbia City, Oregon home. Our Family loves to rent a motorhome about twice a year and travel all around the US, Canada, and even Mexico once. Ok, there's the back story that you likely do care much about...

    So here's my thoughts about the motorhome, if you’re travelling with pets and/or family and are considering renting or even buying a motorhome you should consider looking at this ACE. The ACE is the absolute best motorhome for pet lovers like myself. The A.C.E. is the only motorhome to we have found with specific provisions for traveling with pets. The ACE was the perfect size, not to large, not to small, it really made it easier to travel with our pets. The motorhome pet features included things like; a floor level window just for your pet to look out of (keeps them off the dash and out of our laps), a Pet or Dog leash tie off just outside the exit door to keep the little fellas at home on the road, Vinyl furniture to keep their paw prints away, Linoleum throughout for a quick clean up of pet accidents, an Pet feeding station with water and kibble, Entry steps that are easy to clean - they have no carpet (we once lost part of our deposit from from doggy stains here, the the list just goes on... In other word we are thrilled. We normally rent a class C motorhome, and a class A occasionally for our long trips like Alaska up in Canada, this motorhome was just right. I guess that's why it's an acronym for Class A and Class C Evolved.

    Once we were looking into renting the coach we found the ACE RV at most motorhome rental outlets across the US, Canada, and even in 1 in Alaska, ABC Motorhome Rentals. We opted to rent from Road Bear Motorhome Rentals in California . On our way through Indiana we stopped at the Thor Motor Coach factory where the RV was made for a tour of their manufacturing plants. If you are a Motorhome fan this would be enjoyable to see the process from tires to paint.

    The ACE RVs are all small motorhomes, ranging from 28 to 31 feet or so. These motorhomes are a crossover or hybrid between a Class A & Class C; offering the exterior storage space, interior flexibility, towing capabilities, and resale of a class A motorhome but with the conveniences of fuel economy, drivability, and sleeping capacity of a traditional class C motorhome. We've found that the ACE RV is typically priced similar to an equivalent in length class c motorhome making the most affordable class A coach in the US and Canada. I think after 13 years of renting motorhomes we're going to find on for sale and pick it up...

    This was a far better experience for us and our pups

    Oh, we rented the 29.1 model with a single slide our the left side of the Motorhome

    I wish you all happy and safe travels with your pets...
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    Re: Motorhomes for Dogs... My Pets Love RV Traveling now!

    Oh, sorry about the typos and poor grammar. I'm typing this going down the highway sitting the the desk with my dogs looking out they window. here's a correction to the web address that I typo'd on:

    I also wanted to share a photo of our pups too...

    On the right is Dryfuss and left Dakota


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      Re: Motorhomes for Dogs... My Pets Love RV Traveling now!

      Did you read these advices ? I think it will be helpfull for you.