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    Are there any medications to relax the dog during the flight ? Not any strong sedatives but something to relax them and make them sleep ? I will be flying my two dogs from Los Angeles to Poland soon

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    Re: Calming pills

    There are some available. Be sure not to give the pet a medical tranquilizer as they are not allowed.

    One of the best is a product called happy traveler which is available here:


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      Hi there,
      There are a lot of over the counter sedatives which you could administer to your pet. However, you must first check with the vet prior to giving to your pet. And there are a lot of sedatives which are natural sedatives that are Vet approved which you could purchase from over the counter, and if they are not available over the counter, you could see if they are available online. You can read more on these sedatives here on this useful site I have come across:

      Hope this helps. Cheers!


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        I’ve never had to bring a pet on a plane. But if I did, first I would talk to the vet for some kind of tranquilizer. You want your dog to be as free from stress as possible. And yourself. Wait…is your dog a companion dog, to keep you from harm? Then tranqs. most likely can’t be used. Either way, ask your vet. There are products that can be sprayed onto the inside of the carrier (don’t spray the dog) that act like relaxing aromatherapy Feliway is one brand, but there are others. I used the one for cats on a long road trip. There were a lot of swearing cats for the first few minutes but then they settled down. Your vet will know if these products would work for your dog. Ask your vet about travel sickness pills works two ways keeps you from throwing up and makes you sleepy. Good luck, hope you both have a calm flight.


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          One thing I have used is cbd dog treats while traveling by road. Be sure to check with your vet first. I had great results with my shih-tzu.


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            Also I am wanting to let people know that, got scammed the other day by a dog scammer. The transportation site was prime eco logistics and I suspect by the guy that I gave the money to for a 3 month old yorkie, in Maryland.


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              You can use Ark Naturals Happy Traveler soft chews or capsules. I often order them from Petcarerx before I travel with my dog on airlines. I would suggest flying with American airlines since they offer the most affordable services.


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                You can purchase Ark Naturals Happy Traveler pet calmer at a better price at [url][/url] :-)