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Traveling with a Maltese dog

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  • Traveling with a Maltese dog

    Hello everyone

    I am new here and have a question.

    I've heard about some airlines banning flat-nosed dogs; such as pugs, shih tzu, boston terrier...etc.

    My question is: does the flat-nosed dogs include the maltese breed????

    I have a maltese and I did a lot of learning about the breed.

    As far as my research on the breed goes, they aren't flat nosed.

    However, I was quite surprised to learn that Emirates Airlines included the maltese breed in the flat nosed dog breed category VERY strange!!

    This is my maltese dog, carrying his toy. You can see in the picture that he clearly is not flat nosed.

    I called Lufthansa airlines. A guys responded to me and said that 3 months ago, the airline added a new Rule of excluding "flat-nosed-dogs" from flying with them. I asked him if the airline includes the maltese breed in that category. He was not sure with his answer because his colleague who is more into these info was on holiday. He asked me to call again on the 28 Dec when she returns.

    I can not wait that long because I am supposed to fly on the following Friday.

    Anyone has info in that regards?

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    Re: Traveling with a Maltese dog

    I don't see any breed restrictions for Maltese on Lufthansa website, were you able to find out if you were able to bring him on board?