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First Flight for Yorkie

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    Re: First Flight for Yorkie

    The important things to remember are that you have the proper paperwork to take your pet into Mexico which includes the bi-lingual veterinary certificate and the ticks and tapeworms certificate.

    Your pet must be in an approved in cabin pet carrier that will fit under the seat but still allow your pet to stand up and turn around. Only very small pets generally under about 10 1/2 inches tall can fit. You must of course make a reservation for your pet to travel by calling the airlines reservation line; it cannot be done online.

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  • Macbear
    started a topic First Flight for Yorkie

    First Flight for Yorkie

    This will be first flight for LuLu she is 7 years old, weight is 14 LBS she is dieting so that she will look her best ,as well as fit under the seat.I am up to date on all the paper work that is needed for her to enter mexico. Have checked all info for her to fly in cabin under seat . What are the unforseen things that I am not seeing or need to know about. Thanks in advance