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Is it legal to keep raccoons at home?

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  • Is it legal to keep raccoons at home?

    Hey folks,
    I love raccoons and I used to play with them. But my parents always warn me not to play with them because they may cause serious diseases. They even discussed about to call up a raccoon removal service in Toronto( to remove them. but, I didn't agree with them. Like dogs and cats, I consider them as a pet and I'm very much attached to them.
    Is there anyone who is taking care of raccoons in your home? Is it legal to do so?
    Any help would be much appreciated!!"

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    It depends on city/county ordinances. Raccoons are wild animals and not widely considered as pets. Yes, they can be carriers of rabies.


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      Oh, raccoons are very adorable but still are not the popular household pets now. And some regions will cover the relevant regulations on raccoons and prohibit citizens to foster any raccoon for the safety and health of other people. It's better to check out the pet policies in your area before picking it up home.


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        Do I need a permit to keep wildlife as a pet? ... A small number of Alberta wildlife species that are classified as non-license animals under the provincial Wildlife Act can be kept as a pet without a permit. However, because of the risk of spreading rabies, bats, skunks or raccoons cannot be kept as pets.