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Getting a dog from Bali to australia

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  • Getting a dog from Bali to australia

    Hello, Iím wanting to know the process it would take to get a dog from Bali to Australia, has anyone done it successfully? I understand that Indonesia is not a category 3 country so they wouldnít allow direct transfer. Iím assuming I would have to send the dog to Malaysia first and then to Australia. But Iím curious as to the steps I would need to take. I am wanting to buy this dog off the owner who keeps it permanently in a cage and relocate it to Australia for a better life.

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    Re: Getting a dog from Bali to australia

    Walker86 - you can find requirements to import your dog to Australia from Bali here (note step #7): Start the process with microchip, rabies vaccination, 21-30 day wait and rabies titer test. This test must be done 180 days prior to entering Australia. For more details on exporting your dog from Bali, send us an email at