First.... Thank you for taking the time to read this.
I recently put a down payment on a puppy that is across the country. Please no replies about how I should rescue a dog. My last two dogs were from the pound.
I currently have cancer and believe that having something to love will improve my condition which leads me to my question... I want to fly my puppy at 6 weeks in coach with me. Originally the breeder was going to fly the puppy at 8 weeks in cargo. The breeder informed me that 7 of her puppies flew at 6 weeks by meeting at the airport where the families flew back with the puppy in coach.
Can anyone tell me which airlines do not require a health certificate? The breeder speculated that the families were able to fly the puppy in coach at 6 weeks because they took an airline that doesn't require a health certificate.
Please, I know that waiting two weeks is not a big deal, but for someone with cancer it is.
Since 7 previous buyers flew their pup at 6 weeks there must be a way to fly my puppy at 6 weeks of age from TRI,TN to SFO around the 9th of May. Can anyone tell me how to do this? What airline ?? How do I plan this? Any info would be extremely appreciated!!!
Thank you