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Can I fly my new pup/friend at 6 weeks of age in coach? My breeder says ...yes ??

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  • Can I fly my new pup/friend at 6 weeks of age in coach? My breeder says ...yes ??

    Thanks for taking the time to read this !!
    I have PayPaled a down deposit on a recently born puppy in Tennessee. The breeder that I am purchasing the puppy from claims that 7 of her puppies have flown at six weeks of age. She meets them at the airport with the puppy and then they fly back with the puppy in coach. Originally I was going to wait 8 weeks which is the requirement for traveling alone in Cargo, but then the breeder told me about families meeting at the airport at 6 weeks of age. She said 7 of her puppies flew at 6 weeks in coach.
    When I emailed the breeder about how the other families flew their pup at 6 weeks she speculated that traveling coach doesn't require a flight certificate and that maybe the flight attendants didn't ask or care.
    Please..... I have cancer and need a friend/puppy to help me get better so I want him ASAP !! If anyone out there can help me figure out a way to fly my puppy home at 6 weeks I would be forever grateful !! I am financially challenged so it would be a disaster if I flew to Tennessee to pick up my puppy and then get refused at the airport because he's only 6 weeks old.
    Please no replies about how I should get a rescue dog. In the past that was the route I took but this time I want a dog without existing baggage. If he is going to be a service dog then he needs to be well behaved. I don't have the energy or health to retrain an emotionally abused dog. Plus i already payed the down deposit.
    Anyway.....hope to hear back and thanks

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    Re: Can I fly my new pup/friend at 6 weeks of age in coach? My breeder says ...yes ??

    To get a definitive answer you need to call the reservations office of the airline on which you would be flying. Each airline has different policies. Some require a health certificate which would eliminate them as a carrier for a pet 6 weeks old. Others do not. You cannot make the booking online, you must call their reservations number to book you and the pet on a specific flight. You should then before completing the booking advise them of the age of the pet.

    The pet must travel in an approved airline pet carrier that fits under the seat. They are available at