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Traveling to Australia

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  • Traveling to Australia

    Hi everyone,

    Wanted to understand do I need to do rabies titer test twice? Since my country is not listed in the 2 groups
    Or one time is enough?

    And if needed to be done twice should I stay in the second country for 180 days or just a month to get the results and go to Australia?

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    Re: Traveling to Australia

    Chris - the first titer test must be done between 180 days and 2 years of entering Australia. You can have that test done in your country, even if it is not on the list of approved countries; however, the blood sample must be sent to a specific lab that is likely not in your country. Then, once your cat or dog is moved to an approved country, another titer test must be done and that sample can be processed in a lab that is approved in the country you choose to move your pet to before you can apply for an import permit and quarantine space. Know that there are a few more considerations if you are moving your pet to Malaysia. You can find step-by-step instructions here: