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  • For my Brother's Dog Training services

    Hello everyone
    As I've said a while ago, my brother owns a dog shop. He is also a dog trainer and he provides personal dog training services in the comforts of a dog owners home. He travels even far for that. I want to help him so I decided to share funds for that and one thing that I would like to share is a vehicle that he could use for training. I am thinking if you know a second hand or a new vehicle that can be purchased through a loan. If not, I would try applying a vehicle loan from banks or a credit union nearby. Any thoughts?

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    Re: For my Brother's Dog Training services

    If you have access to the Nextdoor app where you live, I would suggest that you check there for possibilities. In my area, I see a lot of very inexpensive cars and some unusual alternatives like smaller electric cars. I see options on the app that I don't usually see in regular classified ads, plus the people are usually your neighbors and might be interested in helping out. When I was looking for a cheap pickup to help my uncle get big bags of horse and dog food, I found an old truck on the app for less than a thousand bucks. If you don't have that exact app, maybe there is something similar where you live?