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Please suggests a apartment friendly dog breed?

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  • Please suggests a apartment friendly dog breed?

    We are first time thinking to Adopt pets online. We have no experience to handle a dog. Right now living in a 1500 sq.ft. 3rd floor flat. But will move into a ground floor after 6 months. Some breeder suggested me only4pets But we are not sure . Please help.
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    Re: Please suggests a apartment friendly dog breed?

    Be very careful about getting a pet online. The breeder should have a website, social media pages, reviews, phone number and should accept credit cards. Do not wire money to anyone without knowing them. Many pet scams on the Internet.


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      Greyhound must be a good choice. You wouldn't think the fastest dog around would adapt to three-roomed abodes, but these sprinters truly like to lounge most of the day. Take 'em to the dog park for a good exercise sesh, and you'll have yourself a sleepy sweetheart. I had severe anxiety during my college days so I got a greyhound as an ESA as suggested by my therapist. We used to live in a small apartment and I never got into trouble because of the lazy nature of my dog.


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        The type of dog you decide to bring into your family should be determined not by your home's size but by your lifestyle. For example, are you very active? Do you like to go hiking, swimming, boating, things like that? Then you want a high energy dog such as a Labrador retriever. If you are more sedentary and like to read, write, watch movies, listen to music, then you would be better off getting a lap dog such as a Bichon Frise or a miniature poodle. Surprisingly, greyhounds can also make good apartment pets. The females are much smaller than the males, and greyhounds are sprinters, not endurance runners. So their energy level is not all that high. Their energy needs are easily met. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you choose to do it through rescue.
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          Here is a great post that you might be looking for!
          What should you take into account while considering acquiring a dog in your tiny apartment? Check out our tips to help you choose the right apartment dog breed.


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            I am so sure that this is gonna be really very much amazing and must to see a thing a lot ahead.