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Please suggests a apartment friendly dog breed?

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  • Please suggests a apartment friendly dog breed?

    We are first time thinking to Adopt pets online. We have no experience to handle a dog. Right now living in a 1500 sq.ft. 3rd floor flat. But will move into a ground floor after 6 months. Some breeder suggested me only4pets But we are not sure . Please help.
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    Re: Please suggests a apartment friendly dog breed?

    Be very careful about getting a pet online. The breeder should have a website, social media pages, reviews, phone number and should accept credit cards. Do not wire money to anyone without knowing them. Many pet scams on the Internet.


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      Greyhound must be a good choice. You wouldn't think the fastest dog around would adapt to three-roomed abodes, but these sprinters truly like to lounge most of the day. Take 'em to the dog park for a good exercise sesh, and you'll have yourself a sleepy sweetheart. I had severe anxiety during my college days so I got a greyhound as an ESA as suggested by my therapist. We used to live in a small apartment and I never got into trouble because of the lazy nature of my dog.