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CONFUSED! A pet or an ESA

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  • CONFUSED! A pet or an ESA

    Hello Everyone,

    What is the main difference between a pet and and an ESA? How to qualify for an ESA?

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    Re: CONFUSED! A pet or an ESA

    Ellisonjfhan292 - your pet must fit in an airline-copliant carrier under the seat in front of you and there will be a fee a fee to fly in the cabin. Your airline must also permit the transport of pets in the cabin in their policies. Emotional support animals are protected in the rules of the Airline Carrier Access Act and fly for free. US-based airlines are subject to this legislation but foreign-based airlines are not. More information on this classification here: You can find airline policies for admitting ESAs here:


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      Pets have an amazing ability to make you feel secure. They always accompany us and never make us feel lonely. Studies show us that pets are very good at managing our depression and loneliness. Also, the chances of decreasing our stress levels are very high, when we own a pet. Dogs appear to be the most readily available and trainable service animals for most disorders. In recent years, there has been growing use of ESAs as well, who tend to be specifically used to provide support for sleep disorders and other psychiatric conditions. Things that make emotional support dogs excellent cohabitants include- wagtail, hugging, and licking. And the things that make them super sleep partners’ are- snuggling, guarding, and rhythmic breathing. When I was going through depression and anxiety a few months back. A pet will always give you love and you will feel better and also can enjoy life more. This is the main reason that now people are getting curious to buy emotional support animals such as cats and dogs.