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traveling with dog by road to Albania

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  • traveling with dog by road to Albania

    Hello, could you please somebody help me? I would like to travel from Hungary to Albania by road. Transit states are Serbia and Montengro. Dog is 1,5 years old (not puppy). She has the following papers and others: valid EU passport (for entering back to EU-Hungary), valid titer test (it will be marked today in the passport), valid rabies vaccination until the end of this month. I will travel from 14/08 to 21/08.
    My questions: what language do I need to have the documents, is it OK in English? What other documents needs for transit and travel to out of EU Member States and back to EU? I saw special certificate for Serbia at this site, but I do not know, is it need for transit travelling as well? Your comments are highly appreciated.

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    Re: traveling with dog by road to Albania

    Viktoria80 - you will need a health certificate issued just prior to travel by a licensed vet in Hungary. It can be an EU health certificate or one approved in your country. As long as the rabies titer test is recorded in your pet's EU Pet Passport, you are good to re-enter the EU.