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flying 5 animals from Monterey, California to Ireland

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  • flying 5 animals from Monterey, California to Ireland

    Hi everyone,

    My sister is relocating to Ireland at the end of this year and refuses to go without her three chihuahaus and two cats. We realise it is going to be a costly exercise and are looking at the best, most economical way of going about it. She is getting all prepared to have them emigrate under the pet passport arrangement according to Irish regulations, but we are wondering how to actually book them on a flight at SF and have them arrive safely in Ireland, given that Aer Lingus which is the approved carrier, only flies from Chicago and that they will have to be transferred to another aircraft and all the associated hassles with that (her fear is that they will go missing mid journey).

    So can anyone tell me if they've had experience doing same and how they went about it. I am aware that there are companies that will do door to door service, but for five animals it is probably cost prohibitive.

    Also, what happens when we arrive? Do we pick up the animals off the carousel or what? Who checks their papers etc?

    Any suggestions would be welcome. This is going to be the hardest bit of the whole relocation exercise.

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    Re: flying 5 animals from Monterey, California to Ireland

    Taking pets into Ireland directly is expensive and complicated. I assume you are all ready aware that the pets must be micro chipped with the IS0 15 digit microchip, vaccinated for rabies again, then have a blood titer test six months in advance of travel followed by a veterinarian completing the EU form 998 for Ireland and finally the ticks and tapeworms treatment. You must also obtain an import permit in advance if the pets are going into Ireland. Another method is to fly them into England which has more approved carriers and then taking them to Ireland by air or ferry.

    The pets must travel as manifested cargo in IATA compliant pet crates. You will check them in at the airport counter of the airline they are flying. You will pay for the transportation at that point but you must make a reservation in advance by phone to their reservations department.

    When the pets arrive they are taken to the quarantine center where they and their papers are inspected. If the paperwork is in order and the pets are found to be healthy they will be
    released to you normally in about 2 hours.

    You can find the complete rules, instructions and all of the necessary forms here if you should need them:


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      Re: flying 5 animals from Monterey, California to Ireland

      Thanks, Jerry

      I am aware that it is expensive and complicated and my sister is willing to make compromises -- she is foregoing furniture to get those animals over, for example.

      We are concerned about not being able to get a direct flight from SFO to Dublin -- can we be sure that all animals will make whatever connections are necessary?

      Also, we are considering Aer Lingus because they are the approved carrier according to Ireland's ag website, but am unsure if they will let us ship five animals in one flight. Any idea? I can't get any info from the Aer Lingus website..