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Travelling to France and the UK

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  • Scatty Annie
    Re: Travelling to France and the UK

    You don't say where you are travelling from but I would certainly NOT recommend taking any pet in the passenger cabin. It is far too stressful for both them and you. They are far, far safer transported in the hold in an IATA compliant travel crate rather than shoved in a small travel bag and put under the seat in front of you.

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  • lothammerjenna
    started a topic Travelling to France and the UK

    Travelling to France and the UK

    Hi Iím new here and new to travelling with my pet. I am overwhelmed with thinking about what I need to do to travel with my dog to ensure he is not kept in quarentine. I plan to enter France first (since from what i read, the UK doesnít allow dogs in the cabin of a plane but France does). Has anyone taken a dog to France? If so, what do I all need!?