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Flying with cat from New York to London England

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  • Flying with cat from New York to London England

    I'm flying from New York to London in April with my cat.

    Is there someone in this forum who has recently traveled between New York and London with a small pet and could share his/her experience?

    I'm looking at airline options and it seems the only animals allowed on the cabin are service dogs. A Delta representative told me today my cat could travel in the cabin for $200 but now I see on their website that this is not possible. Has anyone used Delta from US to UK before?

    I also found out that several of the airlines that are listed on the website as approved air routes don't carry pets altogether between the US and the UK altogether.

    Is Cargo really the only option from New York to London?
    If that's the case, is there one airline you would recommend?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Flying with cat from New York to London England

    Thomas9059 - all commercial airlines will require that your cat travel to London as air cargo due to handling procedures once on the ground. One way to avoid this requirement is to fly to Paris with your cat in the cabin, take the train to Calais and ride Le Shuttle through the Chunnel to Dover. You will need to travel on Le Shuttle in a vehicle, however. If you do not have family or friends to pick you up, there are services that will provide this option like Folkestown Taxi or Pet Movers. There is also a shared ride option with BlaBla Car.