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Traveling at the Alps with your dog

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  • Traveling at the Alps with your dog


    we are a Finnish couple and we moved to Austria with our dogs one year ago. As most of the people we also thought that you can only ski and wander here but very soon we realized that Austria and the Alps in general have so, so much more.

    Unfortunately most of the webpages are only in German language and there are so many travelers that don't speak it. So we opened a webpage where we show every week a new destination in English language (and in Finnish). We have photos, we tell opening times, prices, maps, are dogs allowed and other needed info. So you can easily check if you can visit the place with your dog

    I hope it is ok to tell about our page here - it brings no money to us - it is just to help people to enjoy traveling.

    Our page address:

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    Re: Traveling at the Alps with your dog

    Thanks for sharing. We are always interested in new places that are pet friendly!


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      Re: Traveling at the Alps with your dog

      Great, I am very thankful to you sharing such a great place for travelling with a pet. I always search for new pet-friendly places for travelling.