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Importing a dog (pitbull mix) to Ontario, Canada

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  • Importing a dog (pitbull mix) to Ontario, Canada

    My parents, who live in the states, would like me to take their dog. I live in Ontario. It looks like I just need a comprehensive rabies vaccination certificate, which won't be a problem. My concern is that he is a mix, and likely contains some pitbull. Ontario has a province-wide pitbull ban. If his vaccination certificate doesn't specify that he has pitbull in him (I think it just says he's a mix), do I need to be worried that the border agency won't let me take him in?

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    Re: Importing a dog (pitbull mix) to Ontario, Canada

    Teekay - it seems that Pit Bull bans are in the news in Canada. Montreal just tried to pass legislation to ban the breed and restrict Pit Bulls that are currently living in the city, but the legislation was challenged and has been postponed indefinitely. Not being from Ontario, it is difficult to predict how enforcement is being levied. Certainly, if your parent's dog is stocky, has an athletic build, a short coat and a blocky head, it will likely raise flags as the legislation does extend to crosses or mixed breeds. You may want to speak with your local CFIA office if there is a chance that your parent's dog does resemble the breed. You can find them here: