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Travel with a hedgehog to belgium

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  • Travel with a hedgehog to belgium

    Hello everyone, I'm from Peru and I might travel to Belgium but my pet is hedgehog. I´ve been searching information about the requirements. What I've been reading they just mention dogs, cats and ferrets. A relative told me that the pet has to stay in quarantine for 3 months?!! .. if anyone know please let me know. Thanks!!

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    Re: Travel with a hedgehog to belgium

    Hello Nadia - In Belgium, there are no specific rules for travelling with other pet animals than dogs, cats and ferrets. However, when the animals come from a non-EU-country, you should submit an application for permission to import to the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain through [email protected] It is likely that your pet must travel under commercial regulations, so you will need to have a health certificate done within 48 hours of travel and give veterinary officials notice of your arrival. The import permit will provide additional details.