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Bringing dog from Russia to South Africa through Namibia

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  • Bringing dog from Russia to South Africa through Namibia

    Dear all,
    I hope some of you can help me
    I have a little puppy (not that little anymore tho) 6 month old, we will be moving from Russia to South Africa. I've learned that if you come directly, that first - my dog will go as a cargo, and second even more scary - 14 days of quarantine, that I'm afraid will damage my and my dog's mental health
    Has anyone herd about the way that I'm going directly to Namibia from Russia, staying there and obtaining one more health certificate for my dog and after travelling to South Africa directly?
    My question is - if I can obtain health certificate for my dog in Namibia and if it South Africa in will be accepted, that let's say we statyed 4 days in Namibia after Russia, obtained one more certificate and entered SA?

    Thank you!

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    Umovskaya - your puppy will need to conform to steps to enter Namibia ([url][/url]) and also for South Africa([url][/url]). The blood tests are very important. Once in Namibia, a veterinarian must complete an INTER-TERRITORIAL MOVEMENT PERMIT FOR DOGS AND CATS for travel between the two countries.