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  • Pet swiss passport

    Hello, I have my dog living with me in Zurich for some time now and he has a dutch passport with a microchip and all vaccines, also he is registered on ANIS database and at the Dog police in the city of Zurich, so all is legal and well. I would like to know if anyone knows:

    1-The procedure of issuing a new passport for him, a Swiss one since I want to register him under my husband's name? (now all 3 spaces on his Dutch passport are full)
    2-If a Swiss passport is issued under my Husband's name only, will I still be able to travel with the pet alone or I require a permission/approval paper from my husband. If so does anyone know the procedure and how much will this cost?

    Thanks in advance, I appreciate your responses!

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    Re: Pet swiss passport

    Hello - you would visit your local vet in Switzerland to get a new EU Pet Passport for your pup. If you travel with it in the future, a Power of Attorney from your husband would be recommended for smooth customs clearance. The EU Pet Passport is not inexpensive and your vet can give you a figure, but it is very necessary if your pet will be traveling within or outside the EU.