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What to do with two Doxies while at a Museum or Zoo etc.

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  • What to do with two Doxies while at a Museum or Zoo etc.

    My wife and I would like to take a month long trip around the western half of the USA in a Subaru Outback with our two Doxies.
    We have a stroller to take them around parks and other walks.
    We are not sure about what to do with them during activities that don't allow dogs even in a strollers.
    For example we want to go on a hike in a park that doesn't allow dogs or a Zoo or Museum.
    Sometimes these events will be in the countryside.
    Sometimes in a city of various sizes.
    We are aware that some cities have doggie daycare. but at $88 and up per day for two dogs, we can't afford that. That is the ballpark for overnight in a hotel for us.
    Some towns may not even have a doggie daycare.

    We are sure that this would be more than occasional issue for us. If it was once a month we could deal with paying so much.

    Have others encountered this issue ? If so how have you handled it ?

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    Try Googling "pet sitters". Rover is one organization that offers vetted pet sitters but there are other legitimate organizations.