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Travelling with my pet for first time.

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  • Travelling with my pet for first time.

    Iím moving to Geneva and Iím taking my pug along with me too. I have found this overseas moving company (Armstrong moving) that has pet relocation service and they have assured me full safety of my pet. Yet Iím very nervous. It's the first time Iím travelling with a pet and I have no idea what's it gonna be like. Has anyone experienced moving pets before. Could you please share your experiences. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Travelling with my pet for first time.

    Jenn13 - have you googled Armstrong Moving? Do they have a website? Where are they based? Are they licensed and insured? Have you asked for references? These are the things you need to know before entrusting your pet to any transporter.


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      Make sure you have the most recent documents of his vaccination and blood works. If you plan to fly him with yourself in the cabin, give him a bath a day or two before the flight so he won’t smell, and be certain that he is well trained so he will not bark or bite anybody on the airplane. put him inside a soft carry-on bag with mesh on the side so he can see you and be able to breath. Take him for a walk outside of the terminal on a grassy area if you can find and have him do his business. If you have a connecting flight, you will not be able to leave the secure area in order to take him for a walk and go to bathroom. A dog is a 2 years old kid and please treat him as such.
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        I'm glad I found this thread. Planning to move soon too