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Therapy animals are amazing

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  • Therapy animals are amazing

    Therapy animals have been used in many instances to care for people for decades, whether they are physically ill and have emotional problems. I was diagnosed with PTSD a while back and what helped me the most during this painful journey is my beloved dog. I came across this website when I wanted to get an ESA letter and I found this extremely beneficial, through this, I got what I needed and I’m much satisfied now. Although all animals may provide relief for their owners, ESAs are specifically prescribed to people with individuals with disabilities diagnosed by licensed psychiatrists or professional medical staff. The purpose of the animal is thus to provide relief to their owner as a form of companion therapy, which can be extremely useful for people who suffer from PTSD. Having an ESA requires a commitment to care for your animal. For somebody who is suffering from PTSD, having this requirement helps the person to act without having to fall victim to their symptoms. Also, since animals are very affectionate, having an animal around is a never-ending stream of care and affection for the person.