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Exporting dogs from Australia to Saudi Arabia and vice versa

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  • Exporting dogs from Australia to Saudi Arabia and vice versa

    Hi everyone, I’m planning to go to Saudi Arabia for some time but I’m not sure how long will I be staying there but probably 6 months - 2 years and I want to take my two Pomeranians with me. I’m not sure what is the process and what I should prepare and do, what’s the best flight, the Saudi laws etc. I’m also not sure though if bringing them from Saudi to Australia is going to be easy or not? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot! Rawan

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    Hello Rawan - you can find regulations to import a dog to Saudi Arabia here: [url][/url]. Technically, dogs must be defined as service or hunting or guard dogs. Due to your dog's breed, you may want to hire an agent to customs clear your dog in KSA You can search for an agent at It will also be very difficult to reimport your dog to Australia. This is a challenging country to import a dog or cat and it will take a minimum of 180 days to prepare. Moreover, you cannot import your dog directly to Australila from Saudi Arabia. You must take your Poms to an approved country between 4 and 6 weeks before import for tests and treatments. You can review requirements here: [url][/url].