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Traveling with pugs

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  • Traveling with pugs

    Who has experience with traveling with pugs? How much is it safe?

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    If you has, which airlines you tried?


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      Johnrayan - the safest way to fly with a Pug is in the cabin with you if it is small enough. Most airlines will not fly Pug breeds in the cargo hold due to their snub-noses. The issue is dehydration. A few of the airlines that will fly them are Lufthansa, Korean Air and Turkish Air although there are a few others. In most if not all cases, they will need to fly as air cargo. Only fly this breed in cooler months, never during higher temperatures.


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        Depending on how much your pug weighs, you may be able to keep him in the cabin. Do not, under any circumstances, check him into the cargo hold. Not only will he be afraid, but it is unlikely that he will survive the journey. If you cannot take him with you on the airplane, you should find someone trustworthy to take care of him while you are gone.
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          Do they require to put a pet diaper?