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Cat limit to Netherlands

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    Re: Cat limit to Netherlands

    Hello Pip - the limit to the number of pets that can be brought into any EU country under the regulations of the Pet Travel Scheme is 5 per owner. Any more than that and your cats must travel commercially which is a bit more difficult and may subject your cats to import taxes. You can find details on importing your cats to the Netherlands here: As for local regulations as to the number of cats permitted, this is not an area we are familiar with. It would depend on local ordinances and the specifications of your lease.

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  • Pip
    started a topic Cat limit to Netherlands

    Cat limit to Netherlands

    My husband and I are relocating to Eindhoven Netherlands and we'd like to bring our cats. Is there a # limit on how many cats you can bring in to the country? Also, is there a general rule/guideline on how many cats you can have in your home? We will be renting.

    As a reference to the general line I'm thinking our are of the USA the laws allow three cats per household and generally landlords prefer only one or two.

    Thank you so much,