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Traveling by road to Canada with out kitten

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  • Traveling by road to Canada with out kitten

    We are residents of Virginia and will be traveling to Canada (Ontario) for a few days by road over the New Year Holiday. Our pet kitten (6 months old) will be traveling with us. What formalities if any do we need to go through in order not to come across any issues at the border?

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    Patronus - your kitten should travel with proof of rabies vaccination to enter Canada. It is not required to return to the US but Canada will require it. A current health certificate is a good thing to travel with but, again, not required to enter either country.


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      Make your car as comfortable as possible for your cat. Bring blankets that smell of your cat and you. If you are making overnight stops at hotels, make sure to stay at pet-friendly places. Takedown your cat’s bowls and litter box (or a smaller travel-sized box) and set up the room. The cat will usually relax right into it. They don’t care if it’s a motel, it looks sort of like home, and they’re just grateful to be out of the car. The most important thing to keep in mind is your pet’s safety. Never let your cat loose in the car. They can make unexpected leaps for an open window or crawl under foot pedals or jump on the driver unexpectedly, causing an accident. When you stop, have a spare set of keys so you can leave your vehicle running when you leave it. Never leave an animal in a vehicle without heat or a/c. I hope you and your feline friend have a fun, comfortable trip.
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        I agree Make your car as comfortable as possible for your cat.