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Things to consider when travelling with dog

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  • Things to consider when travelling with dog

    The size of your dog does not exceed 8 kilos. In most cases, adding to the weight of the carrier.
    The dog's age exceeds 10 weeks of life.
    The carrier is approved and adapts to the measures determined by each airline, allowing the animal to travel comfortably and can stretch if desired.
    Ensure proper ventilation of the dog inside its carrier, and protect the surface of the dog through the use of soaps or waterproof bases.
    The carrier does not give off bad odors that can disturb the passengers.
    If you are of a race considered potentially dangerous, wear the muzzle during the journey, even if you travel inside your carrier, in order to avoid damaging its structures due to excessive stress or nervousness.
    Make the reservation with enough time to ensure that your dog can travel in the cabin with you. He thinks that all the companies that allow pets in their flights, establish a limit of places. If you do not take this aspect into account, it is possible that your dog should travel in the cellar, despite meeting the requirements mentioned.
    You must bring your pet's vaccination card and, in case of international flights, your passport (ask your veterinarian how to request it).

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    The dog's age exceeds 10 weeks of life.
    Travelling with an older puppy would be hard enough! I can't imagine wanting to travel with one younger than 10 weeks!


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      yeah, i agree with you man


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        Thx very much for this recommendatios. Your contributions are more important for my next trip


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          Thank you for all your precious information, this will really help me!


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            I have my dog as an ESA and due to my job nature have to travel a lot so I would suggest you Do not feed your dog prior to a flight. Some dogs may experience motion sickness and eating right before a flight will not be enjoyable for you or your dog. If your flight is in the morning, I suggest feeding your dog the night before and give him/her a little bit of water to wet their lips and not drink heavily. Limit water intake before and during the flight so that your dog does not have to pee while you are traveling. Make sure you have a valid ESA letter so you won't have to face embarrassment [url][/url] have a look it might help you.