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Traveling with an aging pet--a change in plans

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    Re: Traveling with an aging pet--a change in plans

    Our dog is getting older, and are just going to travel a few hours a day when we take vacations. It is a way to make sure she doesn't get too stressed or have any health issues. We have chose not to travel a few times because of our pets declining health.

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  • PhilG
    started a topic Traveling with an aging pet--a change in plans

    Traveling with an aging pet--a change in plans

    I was preparing to post asking for assistance with ideas on traveling with an older pet, but things have changed. At 17, even though Nathan still thought he was a puppy, there were visible signs of age; his red face was now white, and there was some arthritis, that , to a certain extent, was alleviated with the daily use of chondroitin and glucosamine. Sleeping became his primary function.

    Having an SUV and recent back surgery, lifting him into the back was not an option. To the rescue, came Solvit's telescoping ramp which I attempted to use. Once I got him up and inside though, it was time to "walk" him down the ramp. In doing so, he decided to do a face plant to the pavement. Jumping off would have been easy for him in his day...just another simple task. He quickly got over his wounds but I seriously started considering not bringing him on the trip I had coming up.

    Sadly, only a few weeks later, with no warning, he laid down in one of his favorite spots, went to sleep and crossed the Rainbow Bridge without so much as a whimper.

    He was a noble animal, fifty pounds of love, but a formidable protector, if ever called upon. While his official name was Nathan, I called him Nay Nay, and frequently "Mr. Nay", reflecting his genteel, playful nature and his endless love of his favorite snack-the dog buscuit. It seemed that he would do anything for them, much like the cartoon dog of about 45 years ago.

    A few weeks have passed, and I only now find the courage to pen this. I have lost my friend, my companion, my Nay Nay. He shall be remembered by many and I shall always have only the fondest of memories of his precious life. Rest in peace, Mr. Nay.

    Aging pets are always a concern, at home, and particularly when traveling. There are physical changes as well as cognitive changes that have to be considered in order to accommodate their senior status. Please share ideas and precautions that you may be aware of when considering traveling with a senior pet.