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Relocating from DFW to SEA- Traveling with 5 cats!

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  • Relocating from DFW to SEA- Traveling with 5 cats!

    My husband is being relocated from DFW to SEA and we have 5 kitties! We have severely foster failed over the years! I have tried contacting American Airlines to find out their policy about in cabin pets, only to be referred back to their website which gives very little information. I have a few questions:

    1. There will only be 3 of us traveling, but I will have 4 carriers, can I check 2 carries for just one person, or is it 1 carrier per person no exceptions?
    2. Do I have to have health certificates for them? I know I have to have current shots, and they are not being checked as cargo.

    This will be our fist time flying with animals, and I do not want to be in a situation where I get to the airport only for them to deny us passage. My animals are my family!

    Thank you for any and all help!


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    Re: Relocating from DFW to SEA- Traveling with 5 cats!

    Tamara - the rule is one carrier per passenger. Are your kitties small enough so 2 kitties could travel in one carrier? Sometimes the airlines will allow that if the kitties are small enough.
    The only airline that we are aware of that allows you to purchase an extra seat for your kitty's carrier is US Airways. You may want to contact them if they fly your route.